Best Inflatable SUP Boards for Dogs & How To Teach your dog to SUP. (2023)

SUP is a sport that makes the interaction between dog and man even better. Taking your dog with you on stand-up paddling is an incredible adventure for the two of you. It can turn out to be such a rewarding and fun experience. The experience increases the friendship level. There is no doubt about that.

SUP Dog Paddle Boards

Inflatable stand-up paddle boards (iSUP) have turned out to be quite popular. They are a necessary addition when it comes to paddle boarding. Whether alone or with your dog, these boards surely make the experience worthwhile. That is for sure.

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Before looking at the best inflatable SUP for dogs, let us first look at some tips that with help you when it comes to standup paddling with him/her:

Tips on Standup Paddling with Your Dog

Below are some tips on how to teach your dog to paddle board and also things to consider and remember when out on the water.

  • Practice paddling, standing and sitting on a board with your dog
  • Always make sure that your dog puts on a life jacket
  • Leave the lease at the dock
  • Bring along some treats
  • Keep feet and nails tidy
  • Add some extra grip
  • Remember to hydrate
  • Anticipate the jump
  • Do not forget to carry a first aid kit
  • Have special commands for getting off and on the board

Best Inflatable SUP for Dogs

Below are some great inflatable paddle boards that are perfect for you and your pup.

PathFinder Inflatable SUP

If you’ve been looking for the best inflatable SUP at an affordable price, then this is your ideal choice. The PathFinder Inflatable SUP is not only tailored to be long lasting, it is also made with PVC. Additionally, it features a multi-layer drop stitch pattern. It might be lightweight, but it can surely handle both you and your dog. There is no doubt about that.

Best Inflatable SUP Boards for Dogs & How To Teach your dog to SUP. (2)

The durable and versatile board is easy to store and highly portable. When you inflate it, the board feels almost similar to a hard board. Whenever you and your pet want to go out for an adventure, there is no better inflatable SUP to take with you than this one.

Best Inflatable SUP Boards for Dogs & How To Teach your dog to SUP. (3)

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Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Stand-up Paddleboard Bundle Blue

  • Available in Green/Aqua or Blue; Measures 10' x 31" x 5"; Portable and easy to store
  • Great for wide range of water and use conditions.
  • Amazing Durability - PVC material and strong multi-layer drop stitch.

Ten Toes Inflatable SUP Board

Exceptional performance, stability, and durability are exactly what define the Ten Toes iSUP. It boasts the ability to inflate to the sturdiness of any normal board. The board is designed 30 inches wide and 10 feet long to offer nothing short of maximum stability. It brings with it a non-slip deck that’s perfect for both of you. The board’s PVC construction makes it difficult to damage as well as easier to use.

The Ten Toes iSUP offers great maneuverability when on water. It is extremely easy to carry all thanks to its carry handle. The board features an array of accessories such as a lightweight and sturdy paddle that makes its use highly convenient. According to most reviewers, the is a must have because of its quality and durability. It attracts a one year warranty making it an excellent purchase for the passionate paddlers.

Atoll Inflatable SUP Board

Utmost stability, durability, and lightweight are some of the excellent features that define the Atoll Inflatable SUP Board. Of the best iSUP for dogs, this board weighs a paltry 22 pounds. This is all thanks to its construction that’s made of PVC and EVA foam. It is 11 feet long, 6 inches thick, and an adequate stability to carry up to 250 pounds in terms of weight.

In addition to featuring an in-built H3 valve, it also consists of a dual action pump. The convenience of deflating the board into a compact size makes it such a darling of many paddling enthusiasts. Compared to other boards in its league, it is pocket friendly. Get the reliable and strong paddle board today. You’ll never regret it.

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Atoll 11'0" Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, (6 Inches Thick, 32 inches Wide) ISUP, Bravo Hand Pump and 3 Piece Paddle, Travel Backpack New Paddle Leash Included (Green)

  • NEW 2021 isup package comes complete with : extra tough isup travel bag, ultra-light construction, military grade PVC on this inflatable paddle board – 40% lighter than comparable models coming in at a mere 21 lbs. This technology creates an extra ridged inflatable stand up paddle board. Comes standard with: High Pressure Bravo dual action hand pump (inflates when pushing down AND pulling up, up to 15psi), front bungee tie downs. Upgraded travel and storage backpack also standard with reinforced
  • ISUP now comes standard with 4th generation black fiberglass isup adjustable lightweight 3 piece, floating, paddle with nylon blade. Detachable extra durable removable fin compatible with all universal/ US fin boxes, NO lost screws fins, no tools needed and compatible with almost all aftermarket fins.
  • Sleek new upgraded heavy-duty paddle board backpack / travel bag (large enough to fit pump, paddle, paddle board ISUP), zipper opening allows ISUP dry while being stored.. NOW INCLUDES EXTRA TOUGH 10' POLY FLEX COIL PADDLE LEASH
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Peak iSUP Paddle Board

The Peak iSUP Paddle Board boasts of an array of amazing attributes. At six inches thick, the board is stable in water. The fact that it is 10 feet long makes the board ideal for activities like fishing, yoga or paddling with your dog. Such activities need some additional stability. The drop stitch construction and military-grade PVC construction make it exceptionally strong.

Best Inflatable SUP Boards for Dogs & How To Teach your dog to SUP. (5)

Many reviewers testify to the board’s durability and performance. Some of the included accessories include a repair kit, travel fin, dual action pump, carry back pack, ankle leash, and travel paddle. All of these surely add to this board’s overall value. In the end, you get a well-proven and incredibly designed board that is distinct. It certainly stands out as one of the best inflatable paddle boards when it comes to paddling with your dog.

Best Inflatable SUP Boards for Dogs & How To Teach your dog to SUP. (6)

Peak 10'6" All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | 6” Thick iSUP and Accessory Pack | Durable and Lightweight | 32" Stable Wide Stance with Non-Slip Deck | 300 lb Capacity (Aqua - 2017, 10'6)

  • ENDLESS SUMMER FUN ON THE WATER - Inflated: 10'6 x 31" x 6" | Rolled up: 11” x 36” | Weight 23 lbs
  • BEST ALL AROUND iSUP DESIGN - Rigid and Stable Shape, Great for All Skill Levels and Conditions
  • INCLUDES iSUP ACCESSORY BUNDLE - Paddle, Carry Back Pack, Coil Leash, High Pressure Pump
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The SPORTSSTUFF 1030 iSUP is lightweight but full of strength. It weighs a paltry 27 pounds and is merely 4 inches thick. Nonetheless, it boasts the ability to handle close to 250 pounds in terms of weight. The fact that it doesn’t take or buckle on water is a huge plus for the board.

What is more is that the board brings with it several accessories that enable you utilize it without any extra purchases. Some of these accessories include a board leash, mesh backpack, valve wrench, pressure gauge, hand pump, tow rings, removable seat, and an adjustable paddle. Together with the board’s brilliant design, these accessories surely make it a must have whenever you and your dog are out on water. Get yours today and enjoy the magical experience.


If you are like most dog owners, the companion of your dog all the time can be so rewarding. Why not go stand-up paddling with him or her? As long as you adhere to the above 10 mentioned tips, you two should be good to go. Paddling with a dog is no different from walking with him. The entire concept is all about taking your pet to the outdoors.

When in the market for the best inflatable SUP for dogs, the numerous brands out there can confuse you. The good thing is that this primer will help you settle for the best. Choose from any of the above mentioned inflatable SUPs for dogs. You’ll surely find them magical.

When in the market for the best inflatable SUP for dogs, the numerous brands out there can confuse you. The good thing is that this primer will help you settle for the best. Choose from any of the above mentioned inflatable SUPs for dogs and you can’t go wrong.


Are inflatable paddleboards good for dogs? ›

Yes, inflatable paddleboards are great for paddleboarding with dogs. Compared to a hard board, the surface has better grip for dog paws and durability for claws. Wider boards tend to be more stable, a great feature for new human and dog duos building confidence and balance on the board together.

How big a paddle board do I need for a dog? ›

For a medium to large dog we personally prefer a SUP that is 11' or longer and 6' thick. 32” wide or more is going to be super stable and help guarantee that you both stay out of the water. However a 30”-31″ wide ISUP is going to move better and be easier to turn.

Will a dog pop an inflatable paddleboard? ›

Inflatable Paddle Boards Are Perfect For Dogs

They provide great traction for their paws and are quite stable. I often get questions about whether their claws can damage the boards. The answer is no they don't.

What are the disadvantages of inflatable paddle board? ›

Inflatable SUP boards take longer to set up and inflate than hard paddle boards. Depending on the manual pump that you use, it can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to fully inflate an inflatable paddle board. This can be a drawback if you're short on time or if you're in a hurry to get out on the water.

What is the difference between a paddle board and an inflatable paddle board? ›

While solid paddle boards are made of rigid materials like fiberglass and foam, inflatable SUPss are made of flexible PVC material that can be inflated to create the board's shape. As a result, inflatable SUPs tend to be less rigid than their hard counterparts, which can affect their performance in the water.

What is the easiest trick to teach a dog? ›

1. Sit: The “sit” command is one of the easiest tricks your dog can learn and serves as the basis for many other simple tricks like “shake” and “stay.” To teach this trick, keep your foot on your dog's leash, allowing them only a little room to move but not enough to jump up.

What is the most common trick taught to dogs? ›

Shake hands (or a paw shake!) is a popular dog trick and is usually the first trick most people teach their dogs. This is an easy trick to teach and most dogs pick it up really quickly.

Do you use a leash with a paddle board? ›

In short, a paddle board leash is not an optional extra, it is possibly the most important piece of safety equipment for anyone venturing out on any body of water with a SUP, and could well save your life.

Should you wear a leash on a paddle board? ›

always wear a leash! Stay connected to your board: A leash keeps your body connect to the board at all times in any unexpected conditions. Your board is a flotation raft: The board serves as a life raft in an emergency. the leash helps you to pull the board back to you and get back on easily.

Do dogs like to paddle board? ›

Paddle boarding can be a great way for both you and your pooch to get exercise and enjoy time together in the great outdoors. If you're thinking of taking your dog out on the water, these tips will help make teaching your dog to ride on your stand up paddle board easy, safe, and fun for both of you.

Is it better to leave an inflatable paddle board inflated? ›


Many people ask whether they can leave their board inflated instead of deflating it after each use. The answer is yes you can BUT please store it away from the elements, in a cool area out of direct sunlight and ideally off the ground.

How do dogs know to paddle? ›

It is a widely believed myth that all dogs have an inborn ability to swim. The reality is that, while most dogs instinctively make a paddling motion if they happen to wind up in the water, that behavior may be the total extent of their ability to swim.

Is thicker inflatable paddle board better? ›

For the majority of paddlers, 5 inches of thickness is preferred over 6 inches thickness because it results in more stability for a given board width and outline shape.

Do inflatable paddle boards puncture easily? ›

Myth #3: Inflatables aren't as durable as hard boards and puncture easily. Inflatables are in fact more durable than hard paddle boards. Modern inflatable paddle boards are super rugged and can take a serious beating without any major damage occurring. Drop an inflatable in a parking lot as many times as you want.

What is the life expectancy of an inflatable paddle board? ›

For the average stand up paddle board with one-to-two layers will have a lifespan of three years if you use it a considerable amount (8+ paddles in a year). If you don't use your board very much then you can expect it to last you a little over three years.

How do I choose an inflatable paddle board for beginners? ›

The features that make a particular paddle board best for beginners are stability, versatility, and ease of use. These needs are most likely to be met with a board that is inflatable, is no more than 5 inches thick, approximately 32”-34” in width, and a generally rounded or gently curved outline akin to a surfboard.

Why not to buy a cheap paddle board? ›

Wrapping Up

Cheap SUPs usually have a low weight capacity and don't perform very well. You should only consider a board under $400 if you're on the smaller side or for your kids. If you're heavier or want a paddle board for serious paddling, consider spending a little more for better quality.

Is a longer or shorter paddle board better? ›

The length of a board plays a major role in determining how the board handles. In general, longer boards are faster than shorter boards, but shorter boards are more maneuverable. Keep in mind your intended use when deciding what length SUP to buy: Short boards (under 10') are great for surfing and/or kids.

What is a trick you should not teach your dog? ›

While a pooch performing a sit or a down out of context likely will not cause any problems, certain tricks, like jumping vertically in the air, spinning in circles, high fives or hugs and kisses, can create issues for you and your dog.

What age is a dog hardest to train? ›

6 Months Old

Puppies are entering the adolescence stage by this point, and it is the most difficult stage to start training at. That is why it is important to start training them as young as possible!

What age is it easier to train a dog? ›

According to experts, the ideal time to train a dog is when they are around 7 to 8 weeks old. This is a great time as they are still new to the world to start to understand commands and what is expected of them.

What should a dog learn first? ›

The first things a puppy needs to learn are basic manners, his name, potty training, and not to bite your hands with those sharp teeth. A puppy needs to learn socialization skills, including people, places, and things.

How many days does it take for a dog to learn a trick? ›

Teaching an old dog new tricks is possible, but won't happen overnight. Research says it takes up to 4 weeks for an old dog to learn new things, so patience cannot be over stressed.

What are the 7 commands for dogs? ›

More specifically, a well-behaved pup should respond to seven directions in order to become a good canine citizen: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Off, and No.

What are good release words for dogs? ›

Commonly used release words are “okay,” “break,” and “free.” Often a release word is followed by another command such as “come.”

What should you not do when paddle boarding? ›

So if you want this to be one you remember, avoid the following.
  1. DON'T leave your board dirty. ...
  2. DON'T leave your board exposed to sun. ...
  3. DON'T store your board incorrectly. ...
  4. DON'T drag your board. ...
  5. DON'T transport your board without a bag. ...
  6. DON'T paddle in shallow waters. ...
  7. DON'T forget your fins.
Mar 19, 2019

Are inflatable paddle boards harder to stand on? ›

An inflatable paddle board is much easier on the body of the rider and anybody else the board might come in contact with. A softer deck reduces fatigue. Standing on an inflatable SUP is similar to standing on one of those expensive rubber mats used in commercial settings to reduce fatigue.

Should I wear water shoes when paddle boarding? ›

Always bring a pair of water shoes or sandals with you on your paddle board for carrying your gear to and from the water. They can clip right onto the storage bungees using a carabiner but some people even like to wear them while they paddle.

Do you wear shoes stand up paddle boarding? ›

In the winter, SUP shoes are a must, but in the summer, we suggest you go barefoot. In the cold months, you'll need to wear a neoprene shoe or bootie. That said, if you're launching your board in a shallow spot where there are rocks or sharp debris under the water, shoes are a good idea.

How does my dog feel when I board him? ›

Dogs can become traumatized after boarding.

When a dog is in a kennel, he or she is in a place unfamiliar to them with people they don't know and other dogs who are barking and whining which causes them to be fearful. They don't know why the other dogs are barking or why they are not at home with you.

What does it mean when dogs paddle their paws in water? ›

Conclusion. Dogs put their paws in the water bowl because they are hot, bored, reacting to a reflection, looking for attention, prefer moving water, are compulsive, or just because they are puppies.

Are paddle boards or kayaks better for dogs? ›

If you've never paddled before, or you're not interested in getting dunked, try kayaking first — it's much more stable for you (and a novice pup). The wide sit-on-top kayaks common at rental places have plenty of space for your dog to ride in the front, and are easy to maneuver in calm lake and marina conditions.

Are inflatable kayaks OK for dogs? ›

The answer is YES. Most inflatable kayaks are built tough… really tough. They can handle dogs paws and claws with no worries.

Is it better to have an inflatable paddle board or? ›

Quick Answer: For all-around leisure paddling, inflatable SUPs are much better overall, due to advantages in durability, portability, weight, versatility, and injury prevention. But if you are buying a board mainly for SUP surfing or racing, certain technical attributes of hardboards make them worthy of consideration.

Where does a dog sit in a kayak? ›

Some dogs will sit or lie down in the well between your feet. In a two-person kayak they may take up the second seat. Or, if there's another passenger, your dog may sit or lie down in the middle on top of the kayak.

Do inflatable kayaks tear easily? ›

Myth #3 – Inflatable Kayaks Must Avoid Sharp Objects

If you get a decent to good model this is nothing to worry about. Even most flat water inflatable kayaks are not susceptible to easy tears and abrasions.

Are dog paddling pools safe? ›

Paddling pools

Make sure your dog is not left unattended near the pool. Some types of paddling pools may be more appropriate for your dog than others. Paddling pools that are inflated may be easier to damage or puncture, and loud pops could scare them too. Be aware of the amount of water you have in there.

What is the most stable paddle board? ›

Even if you choose a yoga sup board other than a Glide Lotus you will be getting some of the most stable paddle boards on the market. Sup yoga boards regardless of being inflatable paddle boards or solid boards will be some of the most stable boards you can find.

Is it better to store inflatable paddle board inflated or deflated? ›

There is no rule saying you can't leave your paddle board inflated; however, we strongly recommend that if you're leaving your paddle board in storage for long periods of time, you should deflate it to keep it in its best possible condition.

Is it better to leave inflatable SUP inflated? ›

Many people ask whether they can leave their board inflated instead of deflating it after each use. The answer is yes you can BUT please store it away from the elements, in a cool area out of direct sunlight and ideally off the ground.

How do dogs feel when you board them? ›

They get insecure and face a certain level of depression when being left in a completely new environment. Although dogs are friendly and get comfortable quickly, many feel lost during their stay. Dogs are very loyal and dependent on their guardians for security and reassurance.


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